Tires & Wheels Are Like Socks & Shoes!

Nothing sets off a good-looking set of wheels like a sharp black set of tires and only Ake Ake Professional Detail’s Tire Shine Detail can get them that way!

Your tires and wheels take more abuse that any other part of a vehicle. They are under a constant barrage of dirt, sand, mud, water, salt, sludge, snow, ice, bugs, tar, asphalt, roadkill, and brake dust that stick to the metal surface, which is made of clear-coat aluminum alloy, chrome, or painted stainless steel.

Collaboratively speaking, this “gunk” is not only an eyesore, but it is corrosive to both the metal of the rims and the rubber of the tires. Difficult to clean, DIY car owners sometimes get frustrated trying to remove the rust, etching, and heavy scratches that cause the rims to become dull and lackluster. They resort to heavy abrasives and rough brush textures that permanently scratch and damage the metal, making the problem worse.

Furthermore, numerous over-the-counter “tire shine” products claim to restore the rich black texture of tire rubber. Most of them are high in chemical make-up and they crack, flake, sling off, fade, wear away, or separate when rubber hits the road! Some of them discolor or turn brown from outgassing, looking worse than they did before the application.

Ake Ake Professional Detail's Kelly Mankin is certified in the use of professional-grade products and safe tools and techniques to clean and then coat your rims, wheels, and tires. We even provide amazing coating products that help repel dirt and projectiles from the surface for several months, and that can be periodically re-applied to maintain their sparkling metallic shine and sleek black luster.