Life Inside Your Vehicle is a Mess!

Most people do not realize how much dirt and how many allergens they unintentionally transfer into their vehicle on a daily basis. In fact, every time you get into the driver's seat, you bring with you dirt, grass, leaves, ice, snow, and rain in on your shoes. With every button you push you transfer a little bit of everything you have touched prior to getting into the vehicle from food and hand oils to lotion, gasoline, body sweat, and bacteria from handling keys, door knobs, and dirty old money!

Your clothing brings in dust, dyes, pet hair and stray fibers. If you bring in a purse, a briefcase, luggage or grocery bags, you are transferring everything they touched into your vehicle.Some people say the inside of your vehicle is proportionally dirtier than a public toilet, since most public toilets get cleaned every night. When certified professional detailer Kelly Mankin cleans your interiors, she look at it like an art and science of clean. She is an expert at reviving old and maintaining new interiors. It is like driving a new vehicle all the time, even after several years. Clean, debris-free carpets; rich shiny hard plastic surfaces like your dashboard and console; scuff-free inside door panels, and a brilliant new car shine - all the time!

No matter how conscientious you are about keeping your vehicle clean, life is a mess! There is no avoiding the transfer of dirt from outside your vehicle to the inside, but Kelly Mankin of Ake Ake Professional Detail can help.

We start by bringing your vehicle’s interiors up to the highest level of clean using powerful suction, not found in a standard shop-vacuum, to extract dirt and grime from your carpets and floor mats. We get in between and underneath the seats where those French fries and ketchup-smeared burger wrappers go to hide.

Then we use Q-tip technology to dig down into your upholstery seams, cup holders, door and seat pockets, and crevices to remove crumbs, lint, and grit. We wipe down all your hard-plastic surfaces and remove those ugly scuff marks from the inside door panels.

Kid Grime & Pets

If you have pets and heavy kid grime, Ake Ake Pro Detail has tools that work miracles on every surface of your interior. We specialize in removing sticky hand prints from leather, vinyl, hard plastics, and windows.

We use a professional pet stone to remove dog hair; and use premium stain and odor removal products and techniques to remove lingering odors and the bacteria, dampness, mold, mildew, sweat, stale food and drinks, smoke, chemical spills, and unfortunate bio-hazardous accidents that cause them.

The result is a fresh, clean that feels like new – but we aren’t finished!

Premium Services & Long-term Interior Protection

Ake Ake Pro Detail has several interior dressings and highly innovative coatings that seal in the clean and repel dirt and scuff marks; resist sweaty, sticky hand prints; and force spilled liquids to bead-up on fabrics and leather, so they roll off the surface before they can be absorbed into the fibers of the fabric or carpeting.

For more severe stains and odors, Ake Ake Professional Detail offers premium European steam clean technology to scour your seats and carpets, and all your hard surfaces. Hot vapor mixed with an environmentally-safe chemical solution and powerful extraction, removes stains and bacterial residue that causes odors.

If you have been sneezing or having headaches, it may be because pollen and allergens are blowing in through your HVAC system. European steam clean technology will reach up into those vents and extract allergy-causing contaminants.