Driving Requires Clarity!

Car makers no longer use glass to make headlights. Car designers needed a more malleable material that was easier to mold into different shapes and designs. That material, used for the past twenty years, is a lightweight polycarbonate plastic.

That plastic began to present a new challenge for car care appearance specialists to solve. After a couple of years, it tends to dry out both from the inner heat from the headlight bulbs and from the power of the sun’s ultraviolet rays on the outside that essentially causes oxidation, similar to your car paint.

When this happens, headlights develop tiny micro-cracks that obscure their clarity, and yellowish or hazy discolorations that cause the headlight beam to dull. The result is of course a safety hazard due to decreased illumination.

Ake Ake Professional Detail is certified by Detailing Success in the repair of damaged headlights. Using a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system, we can remove fine scratches and polish the polycarbonate back into clarity, increasing headlight brightness by three to four times their damaged state. Our process usually takes less than an hour, improving visibility by 140 percent without the cost of replacement!

Contact Kelly Mankin at Ake Ake Professional Detail HQ and make an appointment to ensure you are driving with maximum visibility and illumination, whether it is a foggy winter evening or a rainy, cloudy day.