Good Clean Car Habits Are Imperative To Protecting Your Automotive Investment Throughout the 3 Lifecycles of Your Vehicle.

Always hand-washed and hand-dried to give him hands-on knowledge of the paint surface, Ake Ake Professional Detail and detailer and owner Kelly Mankin is certified in recognizing and monitoring the wear and tear on your vehicle’s exterior. She will fix current problems and head off any potential problems that may cause further damage to your vehicle’s surface that may compromise the brilliance of the paint.

New Car

Your new vehicle, regardless of how expensive it is, is not flawless on the showroom floor. Painted by robots at the manufacturer, the paint is often uneven in some areas and has visible swirl marks caused by the machines.

The road to the dealership leaves them covered with railway dust and highway freight contamination. Many dealerships store new vehicles for long periods in storage lockers and on outdoor lots near waterside docks, railway stations, and other industrial areas, where they pick up contamination that damages the finish.

Having your vehicle detailed as soon as you take possession may sound odd at first unless you know these facts.

At the dealership, delivery personnel, service techs, salespeople, and numerous potential buyers have manhandled the surface. Most dealerships wash your new vehicle before handing you the keys, but they rarely detail it. Furthermore, those who clean it are rarely detailers, but instead, mechanics and interns with no experience in how to properly clean a car. They are often the unintended culprits of swirl marks, holograms, and light scratches.

Always hand washed and dried, Ake Ake Professional Detail goes over every inch of your new vehicle and corrects any flaws; removes contaminant build-up; and smooths out any swirl marks, scratches, and holograms so you start with a pure surface.

We can even protect your new car against the coming wear and tear of the environment with a semi-protective coating that will last months, not weeks; or a permanent coating that repels dirt and lasts years, rather than months!

If you thought your new car looked great on the showroom floor, you will be surprised at how much better it looks with an Exterior Detail from Ake Ake Professional Detail!

Maintenance Detail on a Used Vehicle

Ake Ake Professional Detail recommends that every vehicle over 6 months old get a Full Exterior Detail. When you bring the state of your vehicle up to our standards for good car appearance maintenance, Kelly Mankin can work outwardly from there to determine what, if any, additional services are needed such as paint correction, clay bar, semi-permanent coatings, etc.

Followed up by an exterior cleaning four to six times a year to prevent the buildup of dust, salt, sand and environmental contaminants on your exterior, that time can be cut in half with waxing, sealants, and protective coatings.

Let Ake Ake Professional Detail help you decide which of these options best fit the lifestyle of your vehicle, and guarantee yourself the luxury of driving a spotless vehicle every time you get behind the wheel!

Restoration of a Classic

If you have an aging vehicle or an old favorite you are holding onto for nostalgic reasons or because you have a soon-to-be new driver in the family, let Ake Ake Professional Detail give you an assessment of its condition.

Most aging vehicles with dull and cloudy paint suffer from oxidation. When a car loses its ability to shine after a common car wash, many people think it needs an expensive re-paint. Unless there is rust present, Ake Ake Professional Detail are experts at restoring old single-stage automotive paint or on more modern clear coated surfaces.

From Clay Bar to clean the paint, to a full multi-stage paint correction detail, the thousands of dollars you can save by letting us revive your old paint versus re-painting your older vehicle, is amazing!

Clay Bar For Cleaning Your Paint

Using a process known as Clay Bar, Ake Ake Professional Detail will clean away all the seaside contaminants like migratory bird poop, a pasty mixture of ammonia and urine that when exposed to rain, dew, and humidity, is baked into the surface of your car in Hawaii's perpetual coastal sunshine. Even rainwater in a beach community like Hawaii delivers dust, bacteria, mold, pollen, dirt, plant and insect parts, algae, and smoke particles onto the surface and if you park your vehicle near foliage, you can add toxic chemicals to the soup.

The safest and most effective means for cleaning contaminants from the paint surface of your vehicle is by loosening contaminants that are gripping, even penetrating the clear coat, using a special detailers clay and results in a slick, smooth surface that makes washing your car faster and easier as well.