Beauty is in the Eye of the Restorer!

Whether it got you to your favorite fishing hole or you stole your first kiss in the front seat, reviving a road-worthy version of your first vehicle, or restoring your most nostalgic set of wheels, is a dream for many people.

Before you give your older model vehicle a disrespectful nickname like "Tin Lizzie" or "Bucket of Bolts", remember that Kelly Mankin of Ake Ake Professional Detail sees the potential in every old junker!

Just because a vehicle has lost its shine and the interior is worn and torn, doesn't mean it can't be restored! Kelly has restored older vehicles into blue ribbon car show winners, and low budget clunkers into really radical new rides for teenage drivers!

Old Cars Can Shine Again

Cars and trucks are more expensive than ever, but people are keeping them longer, which means driving a vehicle for 10 years is not uncommon. If throughout that decade you have not always maintained it to the highest standards, let Kelly give you an estimate to restore it's original shine.

Using a number of paint cleaning techniques on single-stage paint, and paint correction techniques on vehicles dating back to the early 1980s, Kelly will get your pre-owned vehicle looking as good - and yes, sometimes better - that it did the day you drove it home from the showroom.

You've nothing to lose! Whether it is fixing up an existing vehicle as a second family car, restoring an old favorite for the car show circuit, or fixing it up for a new family driver, Kelly offers FREE assessments of your aging vehicles to show you how cost-effective classic car and truck restoration can be, especially when compared to buying a new vehicle!