Protection Against the Pings, Dings, & Zings of the Road

Nothing takes more abuse on your vehicle than the rocker panels, wheels, wheel wells, exhaust system, and lower frame components of your vehicle. Designed specifically to withstand extreme conditions like road rash and debris that fly up from the road surface while driving, Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper is a permanent protective coating that features advanced heat resistance and super chemical resistance to protect your wheels and brake calipers from damage, dust, and fallout from the road.

An application of Wheel & Caliper will make the surface on your wheels and rims so smooth, brake dust and other contaminants won't stick to it. When added on top of a layer of Ceramic Pro 9H, Wheel & Caliper makes cleaning the wheel well surfaces easier, and even ensures your wheels stay cleaner, longer.

Also safe to use on your exhaust system and undercarriage, Wheel & Caliper’s anti-graffiti coating provides a high gloss effect that looks great for several months.

Ask Kelly Mankin at Ake Ake Professional Detailing about Ceramic Pro’s Wheel & Caliper coating.