Liquid-resistant Coating For Fabrics

It took weeks after buying your new car, before you would allow anyone to eat or drink in the car. Then one day you are on the run, grab a cup of coffee from the drive-thru, when suddenly you have to slam on the brakes for a rude driver and ... Splat … coffee goes everywhere! It is all over your freshly cleaned seats, onto the carpet, and it is even dripping off the cup holder down into the crevices of the console.

Ake Ake Professional Detailing hasn’t detailed automotive interiors for over a decade without cleaning up our share of spilled milk, but we have searched for the most robust protectants against life’s car-driving hazards.

Our hands-down choice is Ceramic Pro Textile, a durable, wear-resistant interior coating for automotive upholstery, floor mats, carpeting, and faux “microsuedes”. The Pro Textile nano-particle coating bonds to fabric fibers and creates an invisible but flexible film over the surface that repels liquids.

Coffee, water, and other liquids bead up or roll off the surface without being absorbed, leaving the surface completely dry! An excellent defense for car owners with kids, Ceramic Pro Textile guards against spilled soft drinks, a plop of ice cream, a leaky baby bottle, or sticky fingers — just whisk it away with a damp rag.

Durable, Long-lasting & Wear-resistant

Unlike DIY spray-on products like Scotchguard that wear off in a matter of weeks, Ceramic Pro Textile must be applied by a certified Ceramic Pro installer like Kelly Mankin in order to achieve maximum results. One treatment should last 18 months under normal conditions and is wear-resistant against rubbing off when you slide in and out of your vehicle.

We suggest making Ake Ake Professional Detailing your first stop headed home from the new car dealership! For existing car owners, be sure and ask Ake Ake about treating your interior fabrics with Pro Textile, next time you come in for an interior detail!