Reboot CP 9H With CP Sport

Treating your vehicle with Ceramic Pro 9H significantly cuts down on the frequency with which your vehicle needs cleaning, but it does not eliminate it entirely. Your vehicle will need ongoing maintenance and express detailing and when you do, Ake Ake Pro Detail likes to apply Ceramic Pro Sport to the exterior of every vehicle on which they have previously installed 9H.

Designed to help maintain the super hydrophobicity of Ceramic Pro’s permanent 9H application, just 1 cc per panel pre-loaded onto a microfiber towel and wiped on during the drying process, reactivates the unique hydrophobic qualities of the 9H as it ages. Ceramic Pro Sport also further enhances 9H’s ability to disperse hard water spots and streaks caused by rain.

Remember, 9H will last the lifetime of the car, but it never hurts to give it a reboot every couple of months with Ceramic Pro Sport!