Water Beads Up & Rolls Off for Up to a Year After Application!

It happens when you back out of a parking space or your driveway in the pouring rain — the windshield wipers are going at full blast but between the streaks and foggy windows, you can’t see out of your rear windshield or side windows. You’ve tried some over-the-counter glass products like Rain-X but they are short-lived and must be reapplied every time you wash your vehicle.

Ake Ake Pro Detail has tested many products for preventing streaking and water spots on glass, but nothing works as long or with the durability of Ceramic Pro Rain. A single application of Ceramic Pro Rain on your windshields, side windows, and even on the visor of your motorcycle helmet, will last up to a year! Ceramic Pro Rain Repels Dirt & Water

As you drive in light rain, snow, or a downpour, you can watch as water disperses in beads off the glass, running off the glass surface without leaving a mark, streak, or spot, keeping the glass cleaner. Ceramic Pro’s durable hydrophobic formula actually repels liquids and dirt from the surface of the glass so it cannot stick, while also preventing the build-up of fog and humidity on your glass up to 110 degrees!

Ceramic Pro Rain is more than a window cleaner. It is an amazing transparent nano-particle coating that virtually adheres to the molecules of the glass surface so it cannot be removed easily with cleansers. The wearability is so robust it will last for up to a year without reapplication.

Let Kelly Mankin show you the amazing results of Ceramic Pro Rain next time you bring your vehicle in for a detail.