Protect Your Vinyl Wraps, Paint Protection Film (PPF), and Graphics

Many vehicles today have aftermarket enhancements such as company graphics, sporty wraps, and even invisible Paint Protection Film that further protects your vehicle from flying debris and environmental fallout. These add-ons can be tedious when cleaning a vehicle to ensure nothing is used that might cause peeling, cracking, or yellowing of these enhancements.

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl was designed as a specialized protective coating for polyurethane films and vinyls. It protects films from contamination, weathering and the orange peel effect, providing much easier cleaning of the surface.

The complete Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl protection program involves using a base coat and a top coat. Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl is the base coat, layered with PPF & Vinyl Top Coat as a finish. The final layer is slightly softer than the main base protection coat. This allows for higher gloss and a deep wet look.