Safe & Effective on All Rubber & Plastic, Inside or Outside Your Vehicle

Have you ever had your hands full getting out of the car and pushed the door open with your foot, leaving unintentional scuff marks on the inner door panel? That simple shoe or boot scuff on the hard plastic leaves marks that don’t just wipe off when washed.

Every day, the hard plastics and rubber on the inside and outside of your vehicle take their share of scrapes, knocks, nicks, bumps, and smacks! To clean and protect your interior and exterior hard plastics and rubber, including your tires, Ake Ake Pro Detail depends on a durable but transparent coating product called Ceramic Pro Plastic & Rubber. With Ceramic Pro Plastic and Rubber, professionally applied by Kelly Mankin, a certified Ceramic Pro installer, the hydrophobic formula creates a ceramic molecular net across the surface of all your rubber and plastic surfaces. The result is the removal of any discolorations, the restoration of the color regardless of the shade of substrate (black, beige, etc.), and a protective layer that offers spectacular wear resistance against the everyday activities and tasks that mar those surfaces.

For instance, every time you click a radio button, flip the window switch, or open and close the glove box, your hand and fingers, along with any dirt and oils you have on them, rub off onto the surrounding plastic, eventually discoloring the surface and leaving signs of wear and tear.

Save New Automotive Surfaces & Restore Older Surfaces

Have you ever just tapped a light post in the grocery store parking lot thinking it couldn’t possibly have been hard enough to leave a mark on the bumper? Rubber is made to bounce, right? Well, that painted lamppost usually leaves a paint streak that does show! Tires and bumpers take a lot of abuse from the road, but Ceramic Pro Plastic & Rubber is safe to use on your tires to give them a glossy black sheen, protect them against the extreme heat of the road, and repel dirt and water that dulls their deep ebony surface.

Dual applications will also increase scratch resistance and provide robust protection. Ceramic Pro Plastic & Rubber will not wipe, wash, or wear off, and will last months, not weeks, like competitive products.

Ask Kelly at Ake Ake Po Detail whether Ceramic Pro Plastic & Rubber will improve the looks of your automobile!