Ceramic Coatings Are The Breakthrough We've Been Waiting For!

Adding multiple layers of protective clear coat on top of a vehicle’s automotive paint was a technological breakthrough in the 1980s that led to a longer-lasting shine by the standards of the time. There were unintended consequences however. The clear coat required frequent waxing and work-intensive buffing to maintain that level of shine; and as the vehicle aged, environmental contaminants and the road itself opened the door to a need for paint correction to keep the “clear” itself clear of imperfections that perpetuate that beautiful shine. The more the clear coat is buffed, polished, and corrected, the more the process wears down the microscopic layers of clear coat.

Nanotechnology has so changed the automotive appearance industry that car care specialists have invested time, money, and extra resources on extensive nanoparticle research and product development in order to create innovative car care products that meet the demands of vehicle owners and automotive appearance professionals like Ake Ake Professional Detailing. Those products should uphold a new car shine by protecting the paint; they should be durable and long lasting; and cut down on the need for frequent car washes and work-intensive waxing and polishing that eventually breaks down the clear coat.

Groundbreaking new ceramic coatings products not only keep a vehicle’s exterior looking better longer, but they provide protection for a variety of surfaces beneficial to the automotive market like glass, alloy and metals, fabric, leather, rubber, and plastic.

With greater protection and durability against chemical and elemental onslaught than conventional car waxes and paint sealants, ceramic coatings last significantly longer than the clear coats and generic coatings applied by the original equipment manufacturer or car dealership.

The highly hydrophobic formulas create a powerful sheeting effect that reduces the formation of water spots, stains, and streaks, and that disseminates water or liquids so that it rolls right off the surface, taking dirt with it. The result is less need for cleaning, and an easier go of it when cleaning is necessary.

Ceramic coatings provide an affordable compliment to protective film, and a longer lasting alternative to waxes, sealants, and generic short-term coatings.