Interior Detail

Did you know the Inside of your vehicle is dirtier than a public toilet?

From backseat french fry fights and ice cream runs, to trips to the beach and your first instance of spilled coffee at the drive-thru, Ake Ake Professional Detail knows what your vehicle is going through!

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Exterior Detail with Clay Bar

We Recognize & Monitor Wear and Tear on Your Vehicle’s Paint

Good clean car habits are imperative to protecting your long-term automotive investment throughout your vehicle's 3 stages of life.

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Paint Correction

Paint Correction Saves & Restores Your Shine

If your aging vehicle does not seem to shine up like it used to, even after a good wax, it is an excellent candidate for paint correction.

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Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings Uphold a New Car Shine & Protect It for Years, Rather Than Weeks & Months

Groundbreaking new ceramic coatings products not only keep a vehicle’s exterior looking better longer, but they provide protection for a variety of surfaces beneficial to the automotive market like glass, alloy and metals, fabric, leather, rubber, and plastic.

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Classic Revitalization

Old Cars & Trucks Can Shine Again

Before you give your older model vehicle a disrespectful nickname like "Tin Lizzie" or "Bucket of Bolts", remember that Ake Ake Pro Detail sees the potential in every aging vehicle!

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Odor Removal

Does Life Inside Your Vehicle Stink?

Ake Ake Pro Detail uses a variety of systems based on the severity of the odor that remove stinky smells forever.

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European Steam Clean & Stain Removal

Chemical-free Hot Vapor Whisks Away Dirt & Stains

European Steam Clean removes the source of odors that give your vehicle that musty, sweaty, stale fast-food smell so you can follow up with Odor Removal techniques.

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Tire & Wheel Shine

Nothing Sets Off a Good-looking Set of Wheels Like a Sharp Black Set of Tires

Ake Ake Professional Detail is certified in the use of professional-grade products and safe tools and techniques to clean and then protect your rims, wheels, and tires.

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Headlight Repair

Have Your Headlights Developed Tiny Micro-cracks That Obscure Their Clarity?

Ake Ake Pro Detail is certified in the repair of damaged headlights using a professional-grade headlight lens restoration system that removes fine scratches and polishes the polycarbonate back into clarity, increasing headlight brightness by three to four times their damaged state.

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