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  • Bo Mortensen
    Super friendly and excellent customer service is just the beginning when you go see Kelly and her staff at Ake Ake Auto Detailing. Kelly is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to detailing and it is clear she works hard to stay at the forefront of her industry. Picking up my truck at the dealer was a great experience. Picking up my truck from Kelly was out of this world. I have never seen that level of shine before and the interior was pristine. Truck was better than new and to top it off it was presented to me at the end of the red carpet (yes literally a red carpet). I felt like the most important client that day but the truth is she treats every car and client the same. Outstanding from start to finish. If your car has not been to Ake Ake, GO NOW!
    Bo Mortensen
    5 Star Review
  • Sarah Patton
    Kelly and her crew do top notch professional work. She truly cares about her clients and her reputation shows it.
    Sarah Patton
    5 Star Review
  • Cherry Pickett
    Kelly really did an amazing job and I felt like my money was well spent!! I will definitely be a repeat customer.
    Cherry Pickett
    5 Star Review
  • Mik Chaason
    Great company I highly recommend! Kelly and her staff are the best!
    Mik Chaason
    5 Star Review